Life's A Beach

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Life's a beach, then you dye. 

FlyingPigSoft suggests the following approach to life :

There you are, cruising in the Pacific, paddle in hand, one of FlyingPigSoft's sturdy canoe range  supporting yer butt, when up pops a whale.
After 5 minutes a spashin' and a talkin' with yer whale the thought of returning to the little ol' nine-to-five becomes a little less certain.
After 10 minutes you've donned yer Piglet trunks and are a whoopin' and a holerin' whale speak.
The whole whale family are now your friends and they invite you for tea.
See, you just can't predict where life will point you next.
Dye your hair. Your boss will never find you and the ocean will provide. 
Never forget your canoe, paddles and a slice of cake. Everyone nice you meet will have their own teapot but they may not have cake.
Never, ever trust a weasel. 

Also :

Oh look! A bullet crab! Never annoy a bullet crab. They do have a sense of humour but it is a lot smaller than the gun each of them carries
Oh, oh! two of them now! They may be planning to fire Shells!