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Welcome to FlyingPigSoft's Web-Site. 


OK - You are certain that you left the rabbit in the teapot but just when you need him to contribute ... Gone. Your Cheshire Cat can't be bothered to smile anymore and now just dumps on your lawn, whenever. The firm you work for has a sales force with the strategic sense of a moth - Five lightbulbs to fly at and they consistently choose the dud. 

FlyingPigSoft will negotiate with Life to work for you again.  Oh yes, and we get computers working for you too, but only when we haven't got something better to do with our time which, frankly, isn't all that often.

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Apart from the sounds of screaming followed by dull thuds from our neighbours, it's business as usual at FlyingPigsoft. Our DotCom neighbours have fallen strangely silent. We seem to have been provided with a natural exclusion zone, and anyway we never have sheep to dinner. We're fine & we're healthy, thanks. No, no, thanks for asking!

Remember : Pigs in flight can go Up and well as Down. You've been warned so now could you just send us all your money, please?