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FlyingPigSoft News

22nd March 2001 - Did you just see that ?!

FlyingPigSoft is sure it just saw the stock market plummet past their 20th floor window? Medicated socks and a light minty mouth-wash have been adopted as a precaution against Foot & Mouth, though all Flying Pigs are naturally immune to such horrid infestations. We wish our land-based colleagues the very best of luck in these difficult times.

1st December 2000 - Gosh !

FlyingPigSoft is freed from low-earth orbit to boldly go (*) where many have suggested  FlyingPigSoft should have foraged more favorably for some time now. 

(*) Please also see our new while-you-wait 'Infinitive Splitting Service' details.

1st August 2000- Construction Continues

All that hammering and banging, the noise of JCBs you may have heard behind these web pages ...  Whilst many of our web neighbours  whooped, whirled then plummeted (when their monies ran out), FlyingPigSoft, had (and has) real products, and such a full order book, we hoped that the Construction noise would soon be over too! ..... Sorry if the noise kept you awake.

25th May 2000 - Preliminary Web Site

FlyingPigSoft announced its Web-Site, whilst existing work continued apace. "We have our work cut out meeting existing customer desires, our order books are bubbling, and FlyingPigSoft deserves a presence on the Net too". Quite right too!