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[Product Image] Too busy to buy the Canoe AND the Paddles, were we?
From FlyingPigSoft's Sheet Creek Outlet's most-popular product lines : 

FlyingPigSoft can provide a number of crises-averting hardware items! We'll list some for you :

Paddles to complement that Sheet Creek Canoe you may be in, if not now then in the future.
Complete replacement China sets with 'next-time' Bull repellant spray (Interior use only).
Jaw Sticks - Guarantee you 10 minutes more to reverse from the Jaws of Disaster before they then snap shut.
Piglet Sticks - These have numerous uses including Weasel-Pop-Prevention and general Weasel Clearance, whatever the scale of your infestation.
'Hello Noon' lotion - Aromatherapy cream proven to lessen the fear of immovable deadlines. (Previously sold as 'Hi-Noon!' cream)
Whirl - End of: Chocolate. After a couple of these, fear of the end-of-the-whirl'd will definitely diminish for you. 
Sheet Fans : Automatically direct the air-flow in the direction of the sheet, and away from you.

(NOTE : None of these items are available for sale to weasels)

Key Benefits

Hey ! If you still prefer to have a canoe with no paddles, don't say we haven't warned you! Otherwise, for this range, the products speak for themselves.
Great rates !